Aborning is an Atlanta-based Slamgrind band formed in March 2008. Aborning combines crushing guitar patterns with menacing lyrics and furious vocal patterns. The band earned a reputation on the Atlanta death metal scene for their uncompromising sound and comedy added to the live set of onstage antics. The band started out as a 5-piece but after their first two tours the band became a 2-piece. With two founding member remaining, Rudi on guitar and Josh on vocals and a drum machine, the band continues to make ear crushing music and make asses of themselves on stage.

Aborning first got picked up by Necrotic Records (Jerseyville, IL) in 2009. Set to do a split EP with Animated Dead (IL), but do to circumstances out of the bands control the EP was never released. Aborning then signed with Steamroller Records (Atlanta, GA) and came out with the EP Demonic Infestation in 2011.

"Aborning captures a mix between sustained brutality and controlled anarchy within the soundscape of their songs, delving into the depths of sludge-grooves at times, and even melodic passages before bringing the listener back into the realms of break-neck deathgasms." -Brutiful Metal Radio

Aborning is getting ready to release their 2nd EP on Steamroller Records called Ayperos. The cd will include six brand new songs and one bonus track. The cd will be released in February 2013 and the band will do some touring for the album in 2013. www.facebook.com/aborning - Aborning@ymail.com